Project type:  Integrated campaign and website

Client: Scottish Government

The brief:

Parents who smoke often take steps to protect their kids; smoking at the back door, in a different room and so on, but it's not enough to protect their kids. Secondhand smoke lingers in the air for up to five hours. You can't see or smell it but it's there. Drifting from room to room long after the cigarette has been put out. Our brief was to make parents aware of the dangers, and ask them to take the next step and take it right outside. 


A highly successful behaviour change campaign winning Silver for 'Best Integrated Campaign' at the 2014 DMAs.  The TV ad also won Gold at the Scottish Creative Awards.

My role:

I was part of the creative team who devised the campaign and wrote all aspects, from the website content through to the take-home leaflets. 


Created with Guy Vickerstaff and directed by Martin Wedderburn.











The powerful visual of the boy with the 'dirty lungs' prompted outstanding recall across TV, press and outdoor.



















The website used a simple parallax scrolling technique to bring to life the lurking danger of  secondhand smoke drifting through your house. It was combined with short, bite-sized facts, tips and a quiz to test understanding.








Online Lung Quiz

Click here to take the quiz and visit the website. 








Field Marketing

We used Augmented Reality to dramatise the invisible and draw in the crowds; particularly smokers who may have been nervous that this was a 'stop smoking' campaign. 

The set featured a living room with a large screen. Participants walking towards the stand see themselves on screen, providing an engaging draw to the activity. They are then handed an ipad and invited to see the hidden dangers around their kids. The kids jump into the set and hold markers up which starts the AR experience on the ipad, allowing the parent to see the hidden dangers of secondhand smoke.

Watch this video to see how it worked.

Smokers took home a 'My home is smoke-free for my kids' fridge magnet with a picture of their kids in. Other leave behinds including car air fresheners, leaflets and car stickers to gently nudge towards behaviour change.









Digital Display

Smokers tend to think only in terms of the smoke they can see and smell, thus to try to protect their kids they open a window or smoke in another room.  We got smokers to clear away the smoke they could see as quickly as they could - so we could tell them that the secondhand smoke would still be there. It was an engaging tactic which was further supported by the use of behavioural targeting tapping into key times of day smokers might be smoking at home e.g after the school run. 

See an example here.